Tablet SigLite LCD 1x5

tablety graficzne
Najważniejsze cechy urządzenia i podstawowe dane techniczne:

Tablet graficzny do zbierania podpisów Dostępne wersje: HID-USB lub Serial RS232 (Podłączenie HID-USB nie wymaga instalacji driverów !!!) Opcja dodatkowa: podświetlenie Backlit
Terminal-Server ready.
A range of sizes from lcd 1X5 to a full legal-size, including LCD-based pads, including very-low-cost touch pads.
Software tools that work across the entire product line, allowing software learning to apply to many different application areas in your company.
Operating temperature is 0 to 40 C. Storage temperature can be -20 to +60 C. Humidity can be 10-90 %RH, non-condensing.
Encryption between Pad and PC.
Optional 1024 pressure levels.

Active Signing Area: 112 mm x 35 mm
Dimensions: 152x97x18 mm
Display with and without backlight
Display option for text and graphic
Unlimited Fonts and Sizes
258 characters per screen at 12pt
Interactive navigation with buttons or checkboxes
Unlimited screens
No external power supply
Windows built-in HID-Interface, no driver installation required
Terminal server-ready
Data conversion rate: 377 3D or 4 D-Koord. respectivaly 1131 or 1508 Samples/sec.
Resolution: True 410 dpi
Connectivity: serial or USB
No electronic digitizer
LongLife Touchpad
1 year warranty
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